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Courses - Jamia Millia Islamia

Certificate Programmes

  • Certificate Programmes

    Certificate in Calligraphy (Self-financed/part-time) Certificate in Chinese Language (Part-time) Certificate in Commercial Art (Self-financed/part-time) Certificate in Escorting and Tour Management (Self-Financed) Certificate in French (part-time) Certificate in Italian (part-time) Certificate in Kazhaki Certificate in Korean Language Certificate in Medical and Wellness Tourism (Self-Financed) Certificate in Modern Arabic Language and Translation Certificate in Modern Persian Certificate in Pashto Language Certificate in Photography (Self-financed/part-time) Certificate in Portuguese (part-time) Certificate in Russian (part-time) Certificate in Sanskrit language Certificate in Spanish (part-time) Certificate in Ticketing and Airfare Construction (Self-Financed) Certificate in Tour Guiding and Leadership (Self-Financed) Certificate in Translation Proficiency in English Certificate in Turkemenian Certificate in Turkish (Part-time) Certificate in Urdu Certificate in Uzbek

Dental Courses

Distance Programmes/Courses

  • Distance Programmes/Courses

    Masters Programmes M.A Education (MAE) M.A History (MAH) M.A Human Resource Management (MHRM) M.A Sociology (MAS) M.A. Political Science (MAPS) M.A. Public Administration (MAPA) M.A.-English(MEG) M.A.-Hindi(MHD) Master of Commerce (MCOM) Postgraduate Diploma Programmes Post Graduate Diploma in Geoinformatics (PGDGI) Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling (PGDGC) Undergraduate Programmes B.Ed. (Distance Mode) Bachelor of Arts (General) (BAG) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Bachelor of Commerce - International Business and Finance (BCIBF) Diploma Programmes Diploma in Early Childhood Care &Education (DECCE) Certificate Programmes Certificate in Computer Hardware and Network Technology (CCHNT) Certificate in Information Technology (CIT)

Doctoral Programmes

  • Doctoral Programmes

    Doctoral Programmes M.Phil /Ph.D. (Gulf Studies) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Arabic) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Art History & Art Appreciation) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Biosciences) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Biotechnology) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Chemistry) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Commerce & Business Studies) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Comparative Religions) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Computer Science) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Culture Media & Governance) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Dalit & Minorities Studies) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Development Studies, CJNS) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Early Childhood Development) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Economics) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Educational Studies) M.Phil/Ph.D.(English) M.Phil/Ph.D.(European Studies /Latin American Studies) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Extension Education) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Gender Studies) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Geography) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Hindi) M.Phil/Ph.D.(History) M.Phil/Ph.D.(IASE) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Information Technology) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Interdisciplinary Research in Basic Sc.) M.Phil/Ph.D.(International Studies) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Islamic Studies) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Law) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Management) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Mass Communication) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Mathematics) M.Phil/Ph.D.(MCARS) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Nanotechnology) M.Phil/Ph.D.(North East India Studies) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Peace & Conflict Studies) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Persian) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Physics) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Physiotherapy & Rehab. Sc) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Political Science) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Psychology) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Sanskrit) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Social Work) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Sociology) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Theoretical Physics) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Tourism and Hospitality) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Unani Medicine (IlmulAdvia/ Moalajat) M.Phil/Ph.D.(Urdu) M.Phil/Ph.D.(West Asian Studies) Ph.D.(Applied Science & Humanities) Ph.D.(Architecture) Ph.D.(Civil Engineering) Ph.D.(Computer Engineering) Ph.D.(Electrical Engineering) Ph.D.(Electronics & Communication) Ph.D.(Mechanical Engineering)

Masters Programmes - Part 1

  • Masters Programmes - Part 1

    Masters Programmes L.L.M. L.L.M. (Executive) (Self-financed) Weekend Programme M.A. (International Studies -Arab-Islamic Culture) M.A.(Applied Psychology) M.A.(Arabic) M.A.(Comparative Religion) M.A.(Conflict Analysis and Peace Building) M.A.(Convergent Journalism) (Self-financed) M.A.(Development Communication) (Self-financed) M.A.(Early Childhood Development) M.A.(Economics) M.A.(Education) M.A.(Educational Planning & Administration) M.A.(English) M.A.(Gender Studies) M.A.(Hindi) M.A.(History) M.A.(Human Resource Management) M.A.(Human Rights & Duties Edu.) M.A.(International Relations-West Asian Studies) M.A.(Islamic Studies) M.A.(Mass Communication) M.A.(Media Governance) M.A.(Persian) M.A.(Political Science) M.A.(Politics: International & Area Studies) M.A.(Public Administration) M.A.(Sanskrit) M.A.(Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy) M.A.(Social Work) M.A.(Sociology) M.A.(Urdu) M.A.(Visual Effect and Animation) (Self-financed) M.A./M.Sc. (Development Extension) M.A./M.Sc.(Geography)

Masters Programmes - Part 2

  • Masters Programmes - Part 2

    M.A./M.Sc.(Mathematics) (Self-financed, Evening) M.Arch. (Architecture Pedagogy/ Building Services/ Health Architecture/ Recreation Architecture/ Urban Regeneration/Ekistics) M.B.A.(Executive) (Self-financed/part-time) M.B.A.(Full Time) M.B.A.(International Business) (Self-financed) M.C.A.(Master of Computer Application) M.Com.(Business Management) M.Ed. M.Ed.(Special Education) M.F.A.(Applied Art) M.F.A.(Art Education) M.F.A.(Art History & Art Appreciation) M.F.A.(Graphic Art) M.F.A.(Painting) M.F.A.(Sculpture) M.Lib.I.Sc. (Master of Library & Information Science) (Self-Financed) M.P.T.(Sports/Orthopaedics/Neurology/Cardiopulmonary) (Self-financed) M.Sc.(Biochemistry) (Self-financed, Evening) M.Sc.(Bioinformatics) (Self-financed, Evening) M.Sc.(Biophysics) M.Sc.(Bioscience) M.Sc.(Biotechnology) M.Sc.(Chemistry: Materials /Inorganic /Organic /Physical Chemistry) M.Sc.(Disaster Management and Climate Sustainability Studies) M.Sc.(Electronics) M.Sc.(Mathematics Education) under Meta University program M.Sc.(Mathematics with Computer Science) M.Sc.(Microbiology) (Self-financed, Evening) M.Sc.(Physics) M.Sc.Tech.(Industrial Mathematics With Computer Application) (S.F.) M.Tech. in Computational Mathematics (Self-Finance) M.Tech. in Energy Sciences (Self-Finance) M.Tech.(Computer Engineering) M.Tech.(Control & Instrumentation Systems) M.Tech.(Earthquake Engineering) M.Tech.(Electrical Power System & Management) M.Tech.(Electronics & Communication Engineering) M.Tech.(Environmental Science & Engineering) (Part-time) M.Tech.(Mechanical Engineering: Machine Design, Thermal Engg.,Production and Industrial Engg.) M.Tech.(Nanotechnology) (Self-financed) Master(Tourism and Travel Management) (MTTM) (Self-financed)

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

  • Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

    PG Diploma in Acting (Self-financed) PG Diploma in Air Space Law PG Diploma in Broadcast Technology (Self-financed) PG Diploma in Computer Applications PG Diploma in Digital Cartography PG Diploma in Educational Management(Self-financed) PG Diploma in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Design Thinking PG Diploma in Iranology (Part-time) PG Diploma in Journalism (Hindi Medium) (Self-financed) PG Diploma in Labour Law PG Diploma in Remote Sensing & GIS Application PG Diploma in Still Photography & Visual Communication (Self-financed) PG Diploma in T.V Journalism (Hindi Medium) (Self-financed) PG Diploma in Urdu Mass Media

Undergraduate Programmes

  • Undergraduate Programmes

    B.A. B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)/B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) (Self-financed) B.A.(Hons.)(Arabic) B.A.(Hons.)(Economics) B.A.(Hons.)(English) B.A.(Hons.)(Hindi) B.A.(Hons.)(History) B.A.(Hons.)(Islamic Studies) B.A.(Hons.)(Mass Media Hindi) B.A.(Hons.)(Persian) B.A.(Hons.)(Political Science) B.A.(Hons.)(Psychology) B.A.(Hons.)(Sanskrit) B.A.(Hons.)(Sociology) B.A.(Hons.)(Turkish Language & Literature) B.A.(Hons.)(Urdu) B.A./B.Sc.(Hons.) (Geography) B.Arch. / B.Arch. (Self Financing) B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration) B.Com. (Hons) B.Ed. B.Ed.(Nursery Education) B.Ed.(Special Education) B.F.A. (Applied Art) B.F.A. (Art Education) B.F.A. (Painting) B.F.A. (Sculpture) B.Lib. I.Sc. (Bachelor of Library & Information Science) (Self-Financed) B.P.T. Bachelor of Physiotherapy B.Sc. B.Sc. Aeronautics B.Sc.(Bioscience) B.Sc.(Biotechnology) B.Sc.(Hons.) (Applied Mathematics) B.Sc.(Hons.) (Mathematics) B.Sc.(Hons.) (Physics) B.Sc.(Hons.) Chemistry B.Sc.(Instrumentation) B.Voc. (Solar Energy) B.Voc. in Food Production (Self-Finance) Bachelor of Arts with Computer Applications Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) (Self-financed) Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management (BTTM) (Self-financed)

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